Whether it’s fundraising or raising awareness, there are many ways you can volunteer. You may have your own personal reasons for getting involved or maybe you just want to help others.

If you feel you have the time, motivation and ability to get further involved, volunteering can be very rewarding. I have been a volunteer for The Brain Tumour Charity for 2 years. Also, if you have been directly affected by a brain tumour, knowing that you are doing your own little bit to help can be hugely cathartic.

There are lots of ways you can help.


Whether it’s a coffee morning, carol singing at the local Christmas fair, or running for sponsorship, there are plenty of ways you can raise money. Just have a google and get creative!

Local Fundraising

Collection boxes are a great way to raise funds locally. I manage a number of collection boxes for the The Brain Tumour Charity in my local town, they sit in local shops, pubs and restaurants until they’re full and I pop by to change them. Please contact me using the details on the contact page should you need anymore advice on this.

Raise Awareness and Talk On Behalf of a Charity

If you’ve been affected by a brain tumour, whether directly or indirectly, charities are always looking for those that can talk about their experiences in relation to brain tumours, as it helps raise recognition of the importance of increased funding into support and research. Since being an ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity, I have met the CEO of Cancer Research and highlighted my concerns about inequality in funding for brain tumour research in comparison with many other cancers, and made a 10 minute speech at the Houses of Parliament talking about my own experiences.



You can find more information about volunteering for The Brain Tumour Charity here….