Health Ideas

Please note – I am not a medical professional. The following is just a list of ideas that I have found useful.

Water, water and more water.

Well, 1 litre  daily to be precise, or so I am told. Filtered water is better, so get yourself a Brita water filter in order to filter out all of the chemicals to be found in tap water. I have heard that bottled water in plastic containers is not to be recommended due to the fact that the plastic used is a potential cancer risk, so, if you buy bottled water, glass bottled might be a preferred solution. This health routine is, apparently, particularly helpful when you have received radiotherapy.


Yoga has been under discussion as an aid to help treat cancer, whether that is the case or not, it is also good for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and low energy issues. There are lots of different types of yoga, but I practice Vini yoga which is great for stress, anxiety, encouraging good energy levels and general well being.

Raw Vegetable Smoothies

Obviously you will have heard all about the ‘5 a day’ theory, well, if you’re a bit of a veg dodger, this is a great way to fire some much needed raw vegetables into your system. It also helps with anxiety and is a great source of energy. Just be aware that raw veg smoothies contain a lot of fibre and may not be the best option if you have a frail stomach or digestive disorder. There are lots of recipes to be found online. I just make mine up as I go along with whatever’s in the fridge, which tends to mean that they taste like complete cack, so I down them and have a glass of fruit juice on hand to get rid of the taste.


Of course we all know exercise is good for you so I am stating the obvious here. Getting motivated to actually do it, however, is not always as easy as it sounds. I personally find hill walking, and just walking in the countryside in general, is a great way to get fit (I’m lucky as I live in a county with lots of gorgeous open green and hilly spaces). Walking in green space apparently has lots of health benefits and if, like me, you’re given to wimping out at the first sign of getting a bit out of breathe, hill walking gives you no choice but to keep going!

Avoiding Red Meat

Some people may see this one as a bit controversial, but apparently red meat, particularly processed red meat is carcinogenic.  This includes pork, which I know many people refer to to as white meat but is officially classed as being in the red category.








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