Not in a Happy Place Right Now

I fell out of bed this morning, not sure how I managed it, but I was putting on a hoody so my arms got stuck and I couldn’t catch my fall. Splat went I on the wardrobe! Would have been quite comical if it hadn’t been so bloody painful! I have severely strained my right arm, chest, and shoulders. Hoping it’s just muscular, but every time I move it, it hurts like hell! I’ve now been in bed most of the day desperately hoping it will get better. How my partner is gonna get me to the loo I’ll never know (I’m already really wobbly thanks to steroid change and the bathroom is downstairs), this makes the situation 10 times worse. Don’t wanna go to A&E unless I have to, given the news reports. Oh shit this is so rubbish! Can life pls jus give me a break for a bit! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!cropped-141.jpg


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