Brain damage is making a fool out of me again.


So earlier this week I was walking past MacDonalds and two cocky teenage girls knocked on the window at me and waved as if to take the piss, they were doing it to everyone that walked past presumably. So I gave them a sarcastic, cocky smile and wave, thinking ‘yep I’m cool, I can handle this, I’m down with the kids’. Just as I was feeling satisfied with my response I lost my balance, wobbled and nearly fell over like a complete twat.  It was an epic fail. I can still shiver at the thought of their tears of laughter at my mishap.

And this seems to be the theme for me these days, whenever I come close to successfully projecting myself as a credible, capable human being something happens to turn the situation to being completely the opposite. I can only hope that they didn’t video it and that I won’t be making an appearance on You Tube any time soon.



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