Hearing Loss and the Joys of Tinnitus

Not only am I forgetful, but now I’m  a bit deaf as well, perhaps I should get the government to make a special allowance and give me a pensioner’s bus pass.

So my hearing loss, apparently yet another consequence of the radiotherapy, started a year or so after treatment (possibly earlier but I was perhaps in denial). It became suddenly very noticeable in 2011 (about 3 years after treatment) and a sudden high pitched whistle mixed with various tinkles and what sounded like out of tune high pitched violins started to bombard my hearing. To be frank this really was quite shit (and the understatement of the year award goes to…..). Eventually however, on reading that stressing out about it makes it even worse, I came to the realisation that I needed to find a way to accept and learn to live with it. I thus mastered the skill of turning it into what sometimes sounded like distant music. The type of music wasn’t really something I could have much power over – I mean it wasn’t a case of thinking ‘ooh I fancy listening to a bit of Oasis today’ – the options were limited largely to distant harpsichord music, or just basically classical twangy twangy type instruments and ensembles, sometimes a bit of far off choral stuff , and, by far my favourite, what sounded a bit like bagpipes. Once I had mastered the art, I would sometimes find myself tapping my foot and gently nodding my head to a noise that vaguely sounded like distant highland clans marching through the glen, of which William Wallace would have been right proud.

But the latest annoyance, thanks to yet more hearing deterioration in what was once ‘my good ear’, is the the low pitched rumbling that seems to have recently taken over. Having the equivalent of a constant thunderstorm in one ear is, to say the least, bloody annoying…and I am currently at a loss as to how to transform this latest despoiler of tranquility into a more appealing form. Perhaps distant bongo music, or a bunch of angry Keith Moon type drummers, either way it doesn’t really go well with the Vivaldi inspired tinkle tinkle music. I am open to suggestions.


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