My aims as a blogger.


If you’ve read the About Me page, you will by now know a little bit about me and my story as a brain tumour sufferer.

Please don’t stop reading or click the ‘x’  button at the mention of the ominous phrase ‘brain tumour’, I am hoping my blog will be more hopeful and optimistic rather than death, doom and gloom.

What inspired me to start a blog? Firstly, my aim to raise awareness and funding into research as a volunteer fundraiser and ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity.  Secondly, probably my frustration due to recent events with my hearing ability, which has hit a new low thanks to the radiotherapy I received 7 years ago. You see, I am slowly going a bit deaf, not completely deaf hopefully, but enough to be one of those people that, a bit like a geratric old lady, keeps having to go ‘What!?’ all the time and, particularly in noisy social situations, further to getting fed up with saying ‘What?!’, resorts to nodding, smiling and laughing, dependent on the expression of the speaker, in the hope that my response to a statement I had no chance of fully understanding doesn’t make me look like a complete lunatic. This, added with the slight brain damage, can lead one into some rather interesting scenarios which I hope to share. I basically intend to have a bit of a moan (I’m good at moaning according to my partner), do a bit of analysis on treatments, aftercare etc, and communicate my satirical take on life as being a somewhat deaf, slightly confused and forgetful person persevering with an attempt at optimism (I have always been a bit of a pessimist and am trying to change my ways to join the glass half full gang).


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